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Welcome to HEROES IN HYPERTEXT, a website that helps you discover the heroes of today and from long ago. Here we hope to identify key concepts in textual transmission and explain the socio-cultural impact of literacy in the medieval world.  We are also exploring the idea of remediation and we have links between mythological and modern heroes like Thor from Marvel comics, or ancient heroes in the form of Beowulf. We hope to introduce to you a range of critical concepts concerning the text in a variety of media ranging from manuscript culture, through film, to the mobile screen.

This is a student web page of the Second Year Critical Seminar class in the School of English, University College Cork, Ireland, creating, organising, editing and mediating  texts online for peer-to-peer review and collaborative engagement with the course’s main themes: heroic narrative, textual transmission and cultural remediation.

The intermedial space of Medieval Literature and culture is mirrored in the inherent intermediality of the electronic text with its embedded images and dynamic linking.